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Climate Justice

We are situated in the Global South hemisphere of the world where the concept of climate justice is more relevant but still relegated to theoretical clarifications.

The Climate Justice Lab studies Rwanda’s climate change actions in achieving its nationally determined contributions, climate change measures for adaptation and mitigation, the energy transition from burning of fossil fuels to green and clean energy, climate change-induced loss and damages, and the corporate complicity in climate change and the consequent human rights abuses.

Rwanda, like many other global south countries has been disproportionately affected by climate change and continues to bear the lethal brunt of global climate change yet the country is one of the least carbon-emitters.

 Rwanda ranks 185 out of 188 and only contributes 0.01% world share compared to 29.18 % of China or 14.02 % of the United States in per capita Greenhouse emissions.

Furthermore, Rwanda ranks the 15th of the most vulnerable countries and stands 93rd least ready country. This statistical data imply that Rwanda is highly vulnerable to climate change effects and more so in its six life-supporting sectors, notably, health, food, shelter, ecosystem service, water and infrastructure.

It is with this urgency that Climate Justice Lab steps in to conduct research on Rwanda’s general environmental law, regulatory and policy orientation, institutional framework and initiatives towards climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts and environmental conservation projects.