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Moot Court Coaching Program

Moot court competitions are part and parcel in developing advocacy and research skills for legal advocates or social activists. The oral, advocacy and research skills gained from moot courts are rewarding in many ways.

From drafting memorials to oral arguments performed in a simulated court or arbitration proceedings, students exposed to mooting tend to emerge from the process more critical and exposed, at least to legal practice and advocacy.

The Centre has identified a disquieting gap to this end and that most law schools in Rwanda and in Africa have relegated mooting to a co-curricular activity option-list for students.

However, most of them are inactive. It is the Centre’s determination to offer training to interested and passionate students about mooting in collaboration with law schools in Rwanda and Africa at large.

The Centre also intends to start its own moot court competitions in which the best mooters will be trained to further compete for other international moot court competitions.