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Our Work

Legal Aid Services

The Center for Justice and Advocacy relies upon the power of the law to contribute towards the eradication of GBV. The center provides different legal aid services to victims through legal representation, filing civil claims on their behalf and engaging in strategic litigation among others. The Center provides such representation from the initial stages of investigation until the end of the court proceedings. 

The center provides guidance during interrogation of women and girls facing criminalization due to sexual reproductive health related crimes.

Strategic Litigation

Through strategic litigation, the CERTA Foundation team shall advocate against legal provisions which limit the full enjoyment of SRHR and  procedures which hinder efficient prosecution of defilement cases, GBV and other related crimes. The team does this through filing constitutional challenges and litigating specific cases whose court decisions could potentially address the matter and create a new jurisprudence.

Intra-Referral support services: - Psychosocial Support-Medical Support

The Center for Justice and Advocacy strives to provide intersectional solutions to end violence against women and girls by engaging other national and international organisations and civil society that provide comprehensive sex education, medical care, counseling and socio-economic support.

Legal Education

The Center for Justice and Advocacy equips the team and frontline lawyers with imperative knowledge and tools on SRHR upon which they rely to assist and represent women and girls in need of access to justice in our focus areas.