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MATINOU Samuel Frank is a Research Fellow at the Center for Law and Innovation in Rwanda. After studying Political Sciences in Cameroon, he became passionate about the role of law in political activities and engaged himself at the University of Kigali where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB). While at University, he competed in a variety of local and International tournaments, as he emerged as the best speaker for the University of Kigali in the Fifth National International Humanitarian Law moot court. Frank, did an internship at Lex Lata Law Firm where he gained skills in the interpretation of the law and an understanding of Criminal and Civil Justice procedures.

He is passionate about Criminal International Law, and Family law. At the Center for Law and Innovation, Frank is a  Research Fellow from the Human Rights and Criminal Justice Lab.  He is willing to be trained in effective International Legal Aid provision standards, while he pursues his Advocate Trainee Program from the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (Post Graduate Diploma). Frank is a native speaker of English and French and a learner of Kinyarwanda and Bassa’a and other African dialects.